Talk To Me

Creating a Custom Talk To Me Treasure Box


The purpose of a Talk To Me Treasure Box is to gather a collection of items that can help increase and improve the time spent with an elderly loved one or patient.  In building your own treasure box, it is very important to learn ahead of time which items and activities work best with your loved one or patient. It is also important to remember to periodically add to or change the contents of your treasure box. 


In general, each Talk To Me Treasure Box should contain:

  • Fidgets such as Tangles©, worry beads, stress balls, etc.
  • Therapeutic rice “bean bag” which can be heated or frozen
  • Individual pictures, a photo album, or a custom printed photo book which can be used to trigger memories and conversation. (Pictures of family members, gatherings, or events – especially of those from the patient’s youth or early adulthood – work best.)
  •  Cards with questions designed to get your loved one talking. (Again, focusing on topics from early in their lives works best.)
  • Favorite doll, stuffed animal, blanket, sweater, etc. (Patients often find it soothing to sit and stroke textured items.)


Suggested additional items for a Talk To Me Treasure Box include:

  • Large print deck of playing cards
  • Large dot dominoes
  • Matching or memory games
  • Liquid motion or lava lamp type fidget
  • Sorting activities